Lebanese Maronite  Wedding Packages

Let our experience create combination packages that suit all lifestyles, taste and even budget.

Weddings for couples who are residents or nationals from  Lebanon, are becoming more and more popular here in Cyprus. Only a short and easy flight away. As with any wedding abroad the legalities and documentation can be a little tricky if you are unfamiliar with them, and this is where we come in to make your wedding day formalities here in Cyprus a breeze.

Regarding a Maronite wedding ABOB will make sure, that the marriage certificate is sign by the Maronite bishop. More over all documents must have the apostle from the Lebanese Embassy in Cyprus. This usually takes a couple of days to be done. ABOB will take care of this procedure as well . When everything is done, we will send it to you via courier in your home address in Lebanon without extra cost.

To design our wedding packages we work together with our couples ensuring perfect results.

We design our personalized wedding packages to include everything you might need, such as full wedding planning and coordination, full legalities arrangements, hair, make up, flowers, decoration, photographers, videographers, cakes, flowers and many many more.

For that reason, we have our consultation questionnaire which helps us understand your wedding needs and dreams.

After learning more about your wedding neeeds, we will be able to send you our personalized packages uniquely designed on your needs and wants and we will work together towards finding your perfect match!

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And don't worry if you are not entirely sure about your answers because our packages are completely adaptable.

Legal Requirements & Documentation


A Maronite Catholic wedding ceremony will be held by a Lebanese priest in either Arabic, French, English or Greek (decided by the couple).

 In order for a religious ceremony to take place in Cyprus the couple must go to their local priest to issue them each a civil status (Ikhraj Kayd) document declaring that they are not married.  The couple are also required to pass wedding exams under the guidance of their local priest, when this has been completed then the priest in Lebanon must send all the necessary paperwork to the Archbishopric in Lebanon asking them to provide a document giving permission for the couple to marry in Cyprus (please note that is must be stated that the marriage will take place in Cyprus).  When the couple have the permission to marry from the archbishopric in Lebanon, all the relevant paperwork must be sent together with baptism certificates and ids/passports to the Lebanese priest here in Cyprus (we can provide the contact information).    

 For Catholic Maronite religious ceremony is not necessary to perform a civil marriage ceremony prior to the religious ceremony.

  All the weddings conducted in Cyprus, can be registered in Lebanon through a procedure via the Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs and then finally by the Lebanese Embassy (handled by Allbridesonboard).  

 The priest will want to speak with the couple by phone before the actual wedding ceremony and he will also meet them in person 2-3 days before the wedding.

 Please also note that Lebanese nationals require a Cyprus visa.


Other documents needed:

- 2  Single certificates (stating that you are not married)​

- Exams for wedding certificate

- 2  Photocopies of your id (passports)

- 2 Baptism certificates

You deserve a perfect bespoke stress free wedding!