Civil Wedding Packages

Let our experience create combination packages that suit all lifestyles, taste and even budget.

How wonderful to tie the knot in our beautiful Cyprus - you will LOVE it. :) Cyprus in general has some of the best destinations to tie the knot. It is a pure paradise island and you will really adore it. We have many wonderful villas, sea view or even beach wedding venues that we would love to recommend to you - some of them require you to stay there to get married, others allow complete freedom. :)
 To explain a little bit how we work: for us to get the right wedding packages, we work together with our couples for the perfect result. More specifically, we design personalized wedding packages that include everything you might want, such as full wedding planning and coordination, hair, make up, flowers, decoration, photographers, videographers, cakes, flowers and many many more. Basically, the packages include exactly what you want, and if you adapt preferences after we book the package, we are also happy to adapt the package for you so we will be sure it is what you are looking for. 
For us to design your packages, we need your input and information for your wedding. For that reason, we have our first questionnaire which you can just fill and send back to me, in order to help us understand your wedding needs, wants and dreams. Once we have a basic idea of your needs and dreams (which we will acquire by reading your questionnaire), we will be able to send you our personalized packages uniquely designed based on your needs and wants. 
While answering our questionnaire, please don’t worry if you’re not entirely sure about something, as our packages are adaptable; so if your needs change, we can adapt the packages to work with that. We are very flexible as it is your wedding and we want to make it the very best we can. 
After your wedding package is decided, we will start talking about everything else step by step and finalizing all the details according to what you vision for your big day. We will decide on the color schemes, the flowers, the cake design and everything you want and everything included in your package!!!
So get in touch for our first consultation questionnaire!!! 

You deserve a perfect bespoke stress free wedding!

Gold Abob

Legal Requirements & Documentation
The following documents must be brought with you to Cyprus, preferably in your hand luggage. The documents need to be either written in or translated into Greek or English:

1. Valid Passports with at least 3 months left to run after the date of travel.
2. Birth Certificates  long or short, original certified documents.
3. Statutory Declaration (Also known as Sworn Affidavit or Certificate of No Impediment) signed by a solicitor or notary public confirming your marital status, i.e. divorced, widowed or single, and that you are free to marry. This document must be dated, signed and stamped by the issuing solicitor or notary public. A business card should also accompany this document. Such documents are only valid for 3 months maximum prior to the date of the wedding – ideally the document is best obtained between 8 and 12 weeks prior to the wedding date. The couple must ensure their validity at the time of application and on the actual wedding date.
4. Copies of two wideness Passports  (copy of photo page). Witnesses can be provided by Allbridesonboard  if required.
5. Decree Absolute (in case of divorce).
6. Death Certificate (in case of widow or widower).
7. Adoption Certificate (in case of adoption).
8. Deed Poll Certificate (in case of a change of name) – must be stamped by a solicitor.
9. Written Consent to be submitted to the Marriage Officer on application, if either party of the intended marriage is less than 18 years of age. This must be signed by the father of such party or by the mother if the father is deceased or incapable of consenting, and failing that, by the legal guardian of such party. 

These requirements apply to British passport holders only. All other nationalities must refer to their respective  government agencies for accurate information regarding the necessary paperwork.
Document Check List
Statutory Declaration/Sworn Affidavit - Obtain 12 weeks prior to departure
Birth Certificate
Bride & Groom passport photo page
Witnesses passport photo page
Decree Absolute (if applicable)
Adoption Certificate (if applicable)
Name Change by Deed Poll (if applicable)
Death Certificate (if applicable)