Cyprus is a beautiful island and a very popular destination

Your guide to getting married in Cyprus

 Cyprus is one of the top wedding destinations in Europe. Thousands of couples visit Cyprus and get married every year and almost all of them feel more than happy for choosing Cyprus for their wedding.

 If I had to describe your wedding in Cyprus in three short bullet points, then: 

  • Legal weddings in Cyprus are absolutely legal, valid and recognized worldwide.

  • The procedure, provided that you have all the necessary documents with you, is very simple and fast. 

  • Getting married in Cyprus is a great opportunity to combine your dream wedding with wonderful holidays and an equally special honeymoon.

 By making your wedding in Cyprus, you will have a few pleasant headaches to solve. Like, to which of all those fascinating wedding venues to get married? Or which one of those wonderful places to choose for my wedding reception? With many professional companies and wedding planners to support you, a lot of the worries vanish, and you concentrate on what really matters, your wedding.

Necessary paperwork and documentation: the absolute must-have in order to be able to get married

All non-Cypriots need to provide the following certificates in order to get married in Cyprus. If any of them is missing, then there is no way to get married, so please be careful with these:

  1. Recent Certificate of marital status from an official Government Authority, like Town Hall, Ministry of Interior, Registry Office, Embassy, etc.

  2. Birth Certificate

  3. In case one of the spouses was married before, then an official Divorce Certificate is required

  4. In case one of the spouses widowed, then a Death Certificate of the deceased spouse is required

  5. Valid original Passport or European ID Card. The passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of the wedding

  6. In case one of the spouses is less than 18 years old, evidence that parents agree to the marriage is required

All the above documents, to be valid and recognized, must be original and legalized with an apostile Stamp. This applies for couples that come from countries that are a member of the Hague Convention. For other countries, not members of the Hague Convention, the documents must be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Cyprus Embassy or Consulate in the country. All documents must be officially translated into the English language and issued a maximum of six months before the date of application. 

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Every single wedding, deserves a personal touch!